Reflexology Therapy in the Treatment of Back Hernia: Effects and Benefits

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Reflexology Therapy in the Treatment of Back Hernia: Effects and Benefits

Lumbar hernia is a health problem that occurs as a result of weakening or tearing of the discs of the spine. This can cause the discs to press outward in certain areas of the spine, leading to various symptoms. Symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and loss of strength are frequently seen in individuals with lumbar hernia. In addition to traditional medicine, alternative therapy methods are also being researched in the treatment of herniated disc. In this article, the effect and benefits of reflexology therapy in the treatment of herniated disc will be discussed.

Reflexology Treatment Why?

Reflexology is basically a treatment method based on traditional Chinese medicine. In this method, points in certain parts of the body such as the soles of the feet or hands are aimed to be stimulated by pressure and massage techniques. Reflexology, It aims to help regulate and balance the energy flow in the body. This therapy is based on the relationships between various organs and systems in the body and is used to treat health problems by stimulating specific areas.

Reflexology Application in the Treatment of Lumbar Hernia

Reflexology treatment in the treatment of herniated disc includes stimulating the points on the soles of the feet and waist regions of the body with massage and pressure techniques. The main purpose of this approach is to relax the muscles in the affected areas of the spine and increase blood circulation. With this result, the pain decreases, as well as the symptoms are relieved. Reflexology therapy also helps to strengthen the body's mechanisms of coping with stress and provide a general sense of relaxation.

Benefits and Effects

Pain Management: Reflexology therapy reduces the effect of pain receptors in the body thanks to the stimulated points. This helps relieve pain caused by herniated disc.

Muscle Relief: Massage of the stimulated points contributes to the relaxation of the muscles. This helps to reduce the pressure on the spine and provide relaxation.

Increased Blood Circulation: Reflexology therapy increases blood circulation, allowing tissues to receive more oxygen and nutrients. This aids the healing process.

Stress and Tension Relief: Reflexology therapy, which is applied to provide energy balance, reduces stress and creates a general feeling of relaxation with regulated energy flow.

Complementary Approach to Treatment: Reflexology therapy can have an effect that supports traditional medical treatments.

It has been observed that reflexology benefits from its relaxing and stress-reducing effects. Trainer Specialist Reflexologist Gamze Arslandoğan reported that he had positive results in his clients with lumbar and neck hernia. Reflexology app It is important to consult a Reflexologist Trainer Gamze Arslandoğan or a Practitioner Reflexologist who graduated from the International Reflexology Institute after being diagnosed by a doctor who specializes in the field.

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  1. It was a very useful article.

  2. I got very positive and successful results from my reflexology application for herniated disc.

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