Psychological Development and Reflexology Therapy

reflexology-mensure-yusifova Psixi Development Knowledge and Reflexology Therapy
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Psychological Development and Reflexology Therapy

What is Psixi Development Language?

Psychological development is the child's inability to complete the stages of development on time or completing it late. When there is no possibility of development, only physical aspects should be taken into consideration. At the same time, skills in the fields of mental, mental, emotional and social skills should also be taken into consideration.

Biology and environmental factors are taken as the basis for psychological development. When we talk about biology as a factor, we mean before birth, during birth and after birth. These are some of the reasons that may cause psychic development.

  • Heavy bleeding during pregnancy, the mother's struggle with increased arterial pressure for a long time, experiencing some infectious diseases and rapid rise in body temperature during illnesses, heavy use of radial blood vessels. e.g.
  • genetic factors
  • Parents being carriers of some diseases
  • Being born prematurely and some of the problems caused by this situation, etc.

Parents sometimes confuse children without pedagogical knowledge with psychic development knowledge. Without pedagogical independence, parents should not contribute to the child's development, should not encourage consultation and familiarity, should not react to his behavior and the noises he makes, and should not provide simple academic knowledge appropriate to his age. Not being active, ignoring his need to play, not allowing him to socialize, etc. is kept in mind. Parents are content to meet only the basic needs of their children. In terms of psychic development, the situation was a little different. For this reason, parents should know the age characteristics of their children, the development stages of their children's age, detect the problem in time and apply for advice.

Symptoms of psychiatrist development:

First of all, I noted that it is not always right to come to a conclusion by comparing children with their peers. Because the development of each child is individual and does not always depend on time. It would be good to know the child's age characteristics and the development process appropriate to the current period.

  • One of the greatest messengers of the development language is nitq. I should also note that Nitq is not only the harbinger of the language of development, but also the first indicator of many other problems.
  • My physical skills – being able to take my place, running away, throwing, holding, dressing, undressing, tying my ankles, using a hook and a spoon, etc. Failure to develop such small and large motor skills
  • Interpretation in the social and emotional field - the child's inability to play with his peers, his preference for staying alone, his inability to establish relationships with his peers, his inability to react correctly to stimulants, etc.
  •  In terms of psychiatry – understanding is not developed, cause-effect relations are weak or absent, attention, denial, cognitive ability, thought, interpretation, mentality are weak, problematic. Being weak, not having academic skills appropriate to his age, etc.

Psixi Development Language and Teaching

The child suspected of having battery should be examined by a specialist, undergo certain tests, and treatment should be started after determining the extent of the problem. After the diagnosis is made, an individual program should be prepared for the child and the child's training should continue based on the program. This process has a complex character. Here, both the families and the experts working together have a great responsibility. Uşak's development in all areas is supported by both the family and the experts.

Several experts can work together with a servant at the same time. Mass. psychology, loqoped, sensory integration and reflexology.

Psychological Development and Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Therapya əl, sad, qulaq və ayaqlar xüsusi reflex neurqtələlərinən şiddətdom təzyiqlər showing the həmin neurqtərlərlərlərlilla əlaqəsi orqan və systemlə Alicə method. It is likely that it was first practiced in China 5000 years ago. The first evidence appeared in Egyptian papyruses. In the twentieth century, Dr. William Fitzgerald discovered that organs have something to do with some standing points. Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham, who charted the points on the hands and feet, laid the foundations of reflexology therapy. Reflexology is widely used in modern times as one of the complementary, supportive and reliable alternative medical methods to therapy.

Reflexology therapy deals with neurology, physiology, psychology, sexual disorders, etc. It is applied in treatment. In all these cases, reflexology therapy is widely used in children and miraculous results are achieved.

My personal experience as a child and adolescent psychologist is due to my specialization in the field that I have benefited most from after completing the reflexology therapy course. I have witnessed the benefits of reflexology therapy in many diseases and psychological problems. In fact, it is possible to achieve rapid and effective results in children in the 0-6 age group.

As a reflexologist, I had the opportunity to work with children who have the most psychic development skills.


Uşak: R…

Age: 3

Diagnosis: psixi development language

To therapy: psychology and reflexology therapy

Duration: 3 months

Our sessions continued 3 times a week for 3 months. My knowledge was at a high level at the time when I contacted us. As a matter of fact, there were no words. He had no communication skills, no ability to analyze, he could observe signals in his big and small motorbikes, he did not recognize his family members, he had no comprehension, no receptive and expressive language, he could neither express his wishes nor communicate them through gestures and facial expressions. He had serious behavioral problems, etc.

We started to get results from the first sessions. First, his behavioral problems decreased and he started to calm down. Later, development was felt in all other fields. The child, who could not cope with reflexology therapy, now started to consult. He first established rapport by using gestures and facial expressions to express himself, and later by using words.

In this respect, reflexology is a therapy method that is indispensable to therapy.

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reflexology-mensure-yusifova Psixi Development Knowledge and Reflexology Therapy

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