What is Reflexology? What are its benefits for MS patients?

Reflexology Treatment Reflexology and Diseases

What is Reflexology? What are its benefits for MS patients?

What is Reflexology? What Does It Do?

ReflexologyIt is a treatment approach that has an important place among alternative medicine methods today and targets the relationship between different parts of the body and certain points on the feet. This method aims to balance the energy flow of the body and to restore health, especially through pressure and massage applied to the points on the soles of the feet and also on the hands.

Basic Principle of Reflexology

ReflexologyAssociated with other parts and organs of the body, mainly certain areas on the soles of the feet. The pressure applied to these points helps to improve or stabilize the function of the relevant organs. Reflexology Practitioners (Reflexologists) support the healing process in the body by applying pressure to these points when the energy flow in the body is blocked or unbalanced.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Disease: Symptoms, Treatment Methods and Reflexology Information

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which stands out among the neurological diseases today, is a disease that occurs as a result of inflammation of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). This disease usually occurs during young adulthood and over time can affect nerve cells, causing a variety of physical and neurological symptoms. So, what is MS disease, what are the symptoms and what are the treatments? Also, what role does reflexology treatment play in MS patients? Here are the details:

Reflexology: What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Disease?

Reflexology: MS disease occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks its own nerve cells in the body. These attacks damage the protective layer called myelin around nerve cells, weakening communication. This can lead to problems with movement control, balance, vision, and other neurological functions.

Reflexology: Symptoms of MS Disease

The symptoms of MS disease can vary widely and differ from person to person. These symptoms may include fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of balance, vision problems, numbness or tingling sensations, coordination disorders, and even memory problems.

Reflexology: Treatment of MS Disease

Although there is no definitive cure for MS, various treatments are available to reduce the severity of symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. These treatments may include medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, reflexology, nutritional management, and lifestyle changes. Medicines are used to reduce the attacks of the disease, keep the symptoms under control, and slow the progression of the disease.

Reflexology: Reflexology Treatment in MS Patients

Reflexology is an alternative treatment approach used to improve the quality of life of MS patients and to help manage symptoms. In this method, the energy flow in the body is regulated by pressure and massage applied to certain points on the sole of the foot. The aims of reflexology in MS patients are:

Reflexology: Stress Reduction: Reflexology sessions reduce the stress levels of patients and create a relaxing effect.

Reflexology: Relief: Especially MS patients with muscle tension and pain provide relaxation with reflexology.

Reflexology: Energy Balancing: Reflexology helps balance energy flow and increases patients' energy levels

Reflexology accelerates the treatment by activating organs and systems with active pressure applied to the hands and feet in MS patients, along with massage.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease characterized by neurological and physical symptoms. Treatment approaches include medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes, while reflexology, one of the alternative methods, helps manage patients' symptoms. However, it is important to consult with a specialist healthcare professional before applying any treatment method. Afterwards, it is important to consult Reflexologist Trainer Gamze Arslandoğan or reflexologists graduated from the International Reflexology Institute for reflexology practice.

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