Benefits of Reflexology Treatment: Effects on Developmental Delays

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Benefits of Reflexology Treatment: Effects on Developmental Delays

ReflexologyIt is an alternative medicine method that aims to provide health and relaxation by applying pressure or massage to certain points of the body. This technique is particularly associated with the soles of the feet because certain areas on the soles of the feet are connected to different organs and systems of the body. ReflexologyIt has been a form of treatment applied in different cultures since ancient times and is still preferred by many people today.

Historical Development of Reflexology:

The roots of reflexology date back to ancient times. In different regions such as Egypt, China, India and the Middle East, foot massage was believed to have positive effects on health. Reflexology, which has parallels with methods such as acupuncture, which was based on the concept of meridians and energy flow in ancient China, has attracted attention in the Western world more recently.

Reflexology (Modern) began to develop, especially in the mid-20th century, when scientists conducted important studies on reflexology, suggesting that different parts of the sole of the foot connect to certain organs and parts of the body. Studies have increased the popularity of reflexology and this method has become more common.

Basic Principles in Reflexology:

Reflexology aims to correct the body's energy balance and alleviate health problems by applying pressure to certain reflex points. Although the sole of the foot is the prominent area in reflexology, other parts of the body such as the hands and ears can also be used in reflexology therapy.

In reflexology, there are reflex points associated with different organs and parts of the body. Pressure or massage on these points regulates the function of the relevant organs. For example, the heel of the sole of the foot represents the hip area, and the toes represent the head and neck areas.

Developmental Delay: Definition and Causes

Developmental delay refers to a situation in which an individual experiences significant retardation in the physical, mental, emotional and social developmental stages expected for their age and gender. Developmental delay, which is usually noticed in childhood, manifests itself as the child showing a significantly lower level of abilities and skills compared to his/her peers. Developmental delay can be associated with many factors such as innate genetic factors, negative effects experienced during the prenatal and postnatal periods, nutritional deficiency, environmental factors, infections and other medical reasons.

Reflexology Treatment: Developmental Retardation

Physical Development Retardation: It refers to the situation where the child cannot grow and develop at a level appropriate to his/her age in physical parameters such as body weight, height, and muscle mass.

Mental Developmental Retardation: It is a condition in which an individual experiences a significant decrease in their cognitive abilities and intelligence level compared to their peers. It is also called intellectual disability.

Emotional and Social Developmental Delay: It refers to the individual's emotional reactions and social relationships not being at a level appropriate to his/her age. Delays may be observed in areas such as empathy and communication skills.

Reflexology and Developmental Delay:

Reflexology is one of the alternative medicine methods and aims to provide health and relaxation through pressure or massage applied to certain points of the body. Developmental delay is basically a condition associated with biological, genetic and environmental factors. For this reason, treatments directed by medical experts should be preferred for individuals with developmental delays. In case of developmental delay, individualized rehabilitation programs can be created by experts such as pediatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapists. Then, reflexology treatment is recommended as a complement to alternative medicine. First of all, it is diagnosed by experts in the field and then treatment methods are applied. As one of the treatment methods in reflexology, it gets extremely positive results. Reflexology stimulates the nerves and nerve endings with pressure, improving the target point and activating it.

of reflexology Treatment Approaches:

Medical Intervention: Medical examination and intervention are primarily required for individuals with developmental delays. If necessary, methods such as genetic counseling and psychoeducation can be used.

Early Intervention: Early intervention is of great importance in case of developmental delay. Methods such as special education, therapy and rehabilitation, and reflexology applied at early ages aim to maximize the development potential of the individual.

Education and Therapy: Treatment methods carried out by experts such as special education programs, speech therapy, physiotherapy and reflexology can improve the quality of life of individuals with developmental delays.

In conclusion, developmental delay is a complex condition and can occur with a combination of genetic, biological and environmental factors. Alternative treatment methods such as reflexology should be used for treatment purposes after diagnosis. The healthiest approach is to act under the supervision of medical experts to determine appropriate and effective treatments for individuals with developmental delays. Before having a reflexology treatment, it is necessary to consult Trainer Expert Reflexologist Gamze Arslandoğan or reflexologists who graduated from the International Reflexology Institute.

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