Benefits of Reflexology for Bed Wetting and Constipation

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Benefits of Reflexology for Bedwetting and Constipation

Reflexology, As a traditional alternative medicine method, it is a treatment method based on stimulating certain areas of the sole of the foot through massage. In reflexology, certain areas on the sole of the foot are linked to other organs in the body. Many positive effects of reflexology treatment have been observed on some health problems that are frequently seen in childhood and adulthood, such as bedwetting and constipation. Effects and benefits of reflexology:

1. Effects of Reflexology: Bed Wetting (Night Bed Wetting):

Reflexology Positive results have been obtained in people with bedwetting problems who have had the treatment. Bedwetting refers to the situation in which a child involuntarily wets the bed at night, usually seen in childhood. Reflexology is an alternative therapy used by some people to treat this problem. In reflexology, theoretically, it provides an effect on the functioning and control of the urinary tract by stimulating the areas on the sole of the foot. However, it is important to remember that bedwetting can have multiple causes. Therefore, before applying reflexology, you should consult a pediatrician if your child has a bedwetting problem. After being diagnosed by the doctor

2. Effects of Reflexology: Constipation:

Constipation problems of people who have reflexology treatment have been resolved. Constipation refers to irregular and difficult bowel movements. Reflexology aims to relieve constipation by helping to regulate bowel functions. By stimulating certain points on the soles of the feet, it is aimed to increase bowel movements and regulate the digestive system. Reflexology treatment regulates blood flow, digestive system, as well as circulatory systems. It is also a very effective treatment method for regulating the circulatory system that affects constipation. The excretory system is an important system that removes toxins and waste materials from the body. This system includes organs such as kidneys, urinary tract, and urinary bladder. Reflexology practitioners believe that massage, which stimulates specific areas on the sole of the foot, helps regulate urine production and the function of the excretory system.

Effects of Reflexology:

Trainer Specialist Reflexologist Gamze Arslandoğan: “I would like to share the story of a patient of mine who witnessed the miraculous effects of reflexology. This story is a great example of how alternative medicine can change lives for the better.

Our patient, who had reflexology treatment, was a young man who had struggled with constipation and bedwetting for many years. Although traditional medical treatments produced some results, they did not provide complete relief. He had consulted many doctors regarding his condition and tried different treatment methods. However, these problems negatively affected his quality of life and demoralized him.

We learned that our patient was introduced to reflexology after stepping into the world of alternative medicine. Reflexology is a treatment method based on the principle of stimulating certain areas on the sole of the foot through massage. He was skeptical at first, but decided to try it.

When he started reflexology sessions, he realized that by stimulating certain areas on the soles of the feet, the body's energy flow was regulated and the function of the organs was supported. Throughout the treatment process, she began to see positive effects on her digestive system. The constipation problem decreased and more regular bowel movements were achieved.

We also received positive results regarding bedwetting with reflexology. The effect of reflexology on stimulating the areas affecting the urinary tract and bladder helped alleviate the problem of bedwetting at night. His self-confidence increased, his morale increased, and night wakings decreased.

Although the reflexology treatment process requires patience and regular sessions, our patient's results were truly impressive. “I wanted to share this story as a great example of how alternative medicine can be helpful in some cases as a complement to traditional treatments.”

As a result, many people share positive experiences about alternative treatment methods such as reflexology. However, negative feedback may be received as a result of incorrect applications. That's why it's important to first get a diagnosis from a doctor who specializes in your field, and then consult Trainer Specialist Reflexologist Gamze Arslandoğan or reflexologists who graduated from the International Reflexology Institute.

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