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Reflexologyit is an alternative medicine method that affects different parts of the body by applying pressure to certain points of the body areas such as the soles of the feet, hands and ears. Reflexologists who practice reflexology aim to treat the vital activities of sick and disabled people, neural and hormonal effects affecting their behavior, environmental conditions, nutrition, gaming behavior, sexual life, social behaviors, behavioral disorders by practicing on individuals who show physical and neural disorders.  They have reported that reflexology has relaxing and stress-reducing effects. These effects show that it positively affects the psychological state.


Human being is a biopsychosociocultural living being. It is necessary to understand him in this totality. To accept man only as a biological being or only as a social being would be an incomplete approach. A human being exists as a result of the mutual interaction of the genetic components that make up it with the environment. Psychological science exhibits an approach to understanding a person that preserves this holistic perspective. The goal is to better understand and help a person. Protecting a person's mental health comes before treating him. In addition to understanding the causes of mental disorders in humans, it is also among the goals of psychological science to make a person feel better, be productive, at peace with himself and be a healthy person who adapts Decently to his environment. In this aspect, psychology exhibits an interdisciplinary cooperation with other sciences.Dec.

Anxiety, one of the psychological diseases that we often encounter today, is a psychological condition in which feelings of intense anxiety, fear and stress are evident at the same time. The right treatment and support are important for people experiencing anxiety disorders. Reflexology relieves anxiety symptoms by providing relaxation and reducing stress. If you have an anxiety problem, it is important to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in the field before trying alternative treatment methods such as reflexology. Later, it should be treated by a Reflexologist who has graduated from Specialist Reflexologist Gamze Arslandogan or International Vocational Institute for treatment.

Anxiety Disorder in Depression

Depression and anxiety disorder are two different psychological conditions that often coexist Decently. This condition is clinically referred to as ”comorbidity", which means the presence of more than one psychological problem at the same time. Both depression and anxiety disorders can affect an individual's emotional, intellectual, and physical health.

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a condition in which a person usually experiences symptoms such as inability to enjoy, lack of energy, hopelessness, low self-esteem and difficulty concentrating for a long period of time. Anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is characterized by symptoms such as constant and excessive anxiety, fear, tension and panic attacks.

There may be many similarities and overlapping symptoms between depression and anxiety Deciency. For example, common symptoms such as insomnia, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, and physical symptoms (for example, heart palpitations) may be observed in people who experience both depression and anxiety disorders.

In terms of treatment, therapy (psychotherapy) for both depression and anxiety disorders, as well as reflexology therapy, may be recommended. The choice of these treatments may vary depending on the severity, duration, and type of an individual's symptoms. If you think that you are experiencing problems such as depression and anxiety disorder, it is important to get reflexology treatment by consulting with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

How should Psychological Reflexology be applied?

Reflexology treatment should be performed by specialist Reflexologists who are dedicated to their profession and value people, according to the person's illness and severity, which will improve the quality of life of society.

The person who comes to treatment should feel peaceful and safe in front of the reflexologist.

It should be noted that the reflexology room is tidy, hygienic and peaceful. Let's not forget that the people who come should leave the treatment room with a positive decision, having been removed from the calmness and worries of this room, having gained the strength and confidence to face the problems.

Before starting treatment, the reflexologist will listen to the past and present complaints about the person's health, ask questions in the form of reports, so that he will get an idea about what kind of treatment process the person needs.

The person who comes for treatment should be ready for treatment in peace and safety by lying on the stretcher with bare feet. The reflexologist first relaxes and warms the feet by rubbing them completely. This first-time application allows you to see and examine the person's feet closer and allows you to. During this examination, the location of the calluses, if any, the softness or hardness of the feet, discoloration of some areas (for example, a smoker may be yellow in the lung nerve end zone that corresponds to standing) and swellings get information about the person's problems.

Reflexology Treatment is applied by a Specialist Reflexologist according to the needs of the person.

As a result, reflexology has a very important place in the treatment of psychological diseases. The practice of reflexology should never be performed unconsciously. It is important to consult with Educational Specialist Reflexologist Gamze Arslandogan or students who have graduated from the International Vocational Institute or to have an application.

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